My Dashboard Confessional

ull never shine if you dont glow (pum!pum!)hey now..only shooting stars...break the mold...only shooting staaaaars break the mooooooOOold..

23.4.10 i?

what am i to you?
your souvenir
your precious carrousel
you rollercoaster partner

what am i to you?
the E on your perfection
the point at the end of your non sense sentences
the afinity between your universe and any other galaxy

what am i to you?
the femme fatale you dont have
your dreams coming true.
the reality that you need
but you dont want.

Im the gun,the trigger,the bullet
Im the victim, the point,the purpose,
Im the dream,the nightmare, the endless taste of property
Your home,your shelter,your sun,
the rain..
Your tears in MY eyes.
Your words for her.
Your touch for her.

Darkest hours
You feel free
Its me there,what you feel.

I am.
The basic structure of every word you say.
Your Head
Sun,and Water

of You.
Poison Ivy.

I am.
The fragile composition
Complicated Me

what Am I?

Nathalie Imbruglia
Leave me alone